Meet Our Founder

Chief Cosmetic Chemist, Jacine Greenwood

Jacine’s own skin challenges ignited her passion for skincare research, but the real turning point came when her son grappled with eczema and dermatitis. He struggled from a tender age, and there seemed to be no treatments that brought him tangible relief. The straw on the proverbial camel’s back came when her daughter’s life was hijacked by cystic acne at 22. As a trained beauty therapist, Jacine felt inspired to use her knowledge of cosmetology to look deeper into the conditions to see if there isn’t more that can be done to bring relief.

Her research led her to a stark realisation most skincare products were brutal on sensitive skin, and finding effective, longlasting solutions was like hunting for a needle in a haystack. There, she concocted potions, mixed ingredients, and tested remedies. Her creations not only transformed hers and her children’s skin, but also sparked a revelation why not share these solutions with the world?

Passion, innovation and relentless pursuit of perfection

Jacine boldly took the plunge, officially birthing Roccoco Botanicals in 2011 with the business officially taking flight in 2013. Fast-forward to today, andJacine is an internationally recognised skincare guru and educator whose passion for skincare and people’s wellbeing fuels her relentless pursuit of knowledge.

With six Diplomas, a Bachelor of Nursing, over two decades as a beauty therapist, and a profound understanding of cosmetic formulation, she’s positioned Roccoco Botanicals as a standout player in the fiercely competitive skincare industry.