The Benefits of Raspberry Seed Oil for Acne Prone Skin
In this blog, we break down the truth behind the acne-fighting powers of Raspberry Seed Oil. Also, find out why it is a must-have for anyone with acne prone skin.

Acne prone skin

 Acne is a very common skin problem that affects millions of people of all ages worldwide. It’s a very common disorder that can leave you feeling self-conscious and anxious about your appearance.
If you're struggling with acne, a great way to prevent it from happening is to keep
your skin hydrated. Dry skin allows dead skin cells to become trapped on the surface of your skin, which can lead to both inflamed and non-inflamed acne. If you have oily skin, it may seem counterproductive to use oil on oil but in fact oil balances out oil production by telling the skin it already has enough so it can ease up oil production.

While we are on the topic of oils...

Oils are very good for the skin, they nourish it and make it soft, give it a healthy appearance and help to remove wrinkles. Because there is little knowledge on the right and wrong oils for the skin it’s tough to know which ones are acne safe and which ones are not. Here is why you should have raspberry seed oil in your acne treatment products

Why Raspberry Seed Oil?

Raspberry Seed Oil can greatly help reduce redness, dryness, and inflammation. However, not everyone knows exactly how it work in the treatment of acne.Red raspberry seed oil acts as a natural acne remedy because the linoleic acid in the oil helps rebalance the skin’s natural oils. Being high in omega 3 fatty acids,  tocotrienol and carotenoids (natural vitamin a).  It provides anti-
inflammatory benefits for the skin and encourages healing of the skin. So naturally
as a result of using raspberry oil you are going to achieve much healthier and clearer skin.

The benefits in the treatment of acne:

1) Oil balancing
2) Unclogging of pores
3) Hydrates the skin
4) Aids in skin healing & protection from future breakouts
5) Reduces skin inflammation
6) Improves skin barrier function

The takeaway

If you suffer from acne, I hope this article  provided a brief introduction to Raspberry Seed Oil and why it’s effective for clearing up your skin.

The product we recommend 

 Soothing Cleansing Oil:

A soothing blend of omega 3 rich oils designed to gently clean the skin whilst replenishing vital lipids and hydration that reduce and prevent TEWL, hence repairing and improving barrier function.

September 17, 2021