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Shondra from Shondra Jin Skincare

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get to know shondra

I have a small studio tucked away in a quiet corner of downtown Freeport Maine* where I offer a unique and completely customized skincare experience. Each treatment is created for that appointment; no two treatments are alike. Clients discover their best skin through products and regimens designed for their skin, their lifestyle, their goals.

I offer an array of every changing modalities that I combine based on the clients needs - manual lymphatic drainage, contouring facial massage, LED, Neurotris microcurrent, dermaplaning, ultrasound, cold plasma, LED, topical PLLA infusion, nano-infusion. I book appointments by time, 75-120 minutes, Custom Facial Treatments which start at $165, and Advanced Custom Facial Treatments with PLLA which start at $235.

I am a skincare enthusiast and a skeptic - I am always testing new product, regimens, treatments. My clients often refer to me as their “skincare mad scientist” as I will change a treatment mid-stream depending on what’s going on with their skin. *for the non-US, this is on the coast of the most northern of the Eastern US states, about 2 hour north of Boston and 6 hours from New York City).

Top three Roccoco products you can't live without?

Lift + Rejuvenate + Tone

This is my #1 seller as well. I am 52 and this has changed how my neck looks - even my husband noticed!

Holiday Lustre

SO MUCH FUN. Smells amazing, feels luscious on the skin, gives both an immediate boost AND long-term results. I apply twice a day, forehead to nips!

Ruby Crystal Cleanser

I use Ruby and Polishing Cleanser which is a game changer. I suppose if I had to choose ONE it would be Ruby Crystal Cleanser but realistically I use both.

What led you to be a skin therapist?

I talked my dad into buying me my first lipstick when I was five. My mother was horrified - she has never worn makeup or been very interested in skincare - but I was fascinated by how making changes on the outside seemed to trigger or reveal a change on the inside. Even as a teen I spent hours in the cosmetic and skincare sections of the local pharmacy and haunted cosmetic counters, trying samples, reading labels, and asking questions.

I am acneic and soon switched my focus from cosmetics to skincare. I am also cross-culturally adopted so I had to learn how to take care of my Asian hair and skin on my own. This is before the internet or Retin-A - it was not easy to find solutions! - but of course I persevered. My biggest personal expenditures were always on skincare or skincare treatments, even when all I had to spend was my babysitting money.

I went to university for French, theatre, and create writing, and worked a variety of jobs. I managed to get to 40 without having a “career.” By that point I had a daughter and needed to find something I could stick at long enough to put her through school. When I finally went to aesthetics school at age 43, my family was like “of course - what took you so long?” I suppose they have a point: prior to becoming an aesthetician, I never stayed at any job longer than three years. I have now been an aesthetician for nine years and in October will celebrate the 6th anniversary of my skincare studio.

How has using Roccoco changed the way you treat skin?

Roccoco has changed how I think about skincare and I bought my first skincare product over 40 years ago. Before Roccoco I did mostly Korean skincare, only carried one luxury line, and did a lot of chemical peels. Roccoco changed all of that. I am now much more focused on barrier repair and delving even deeper into the science of skincare. It has also given me a community of people who are even more obsessed with innovative and results-driven skincare as I am. I feel I have finally found my tribe.