What lead you to be a skin therapist?

My journey began with several years of experience working alongside a dermatologist, during which I developed an interest in the complexities of acne. This interest was partly personal, as I struggled with acne myself since my teenage years and found limited success with prescription medications. This experience sparked a desire to learn about the efficacy of various skincare ingredients and products in addressing acne. Driven by a desire to empower others with knowledge about skincare, I focused on understanding which ingredients are beneficial and which might be detrimental to skin health.

What are you top three products in Roccoco that you can't live without?

Hard to pick just 3! If I had to pick only 3 it would be Coffee Mask, Jasmine Eye Cream & Eruption Emulsion

What’s your greatest achievement since having your business? 

The many amazing relationships I’ve built whether with my clients, my team members or other skin care professionals. I feel very blessed to have found a career that I get to help so many people feel confident and love their skin. 

How has having Roccoco changed the way you treat skin?

I love how it nourishes the skin while delivering RESULTS!