Clinic of the month USA - Leslie Merriman 

Leslie Merriman - Skin Memory - Fairfax VA

What lead you to be a skin therapist?

This is my second career and it came to me slowly after years of volunteering and meeting hundreds of refugee women, seeing how these women - like my own grandma and almost all women I know - have very little time for themselves and self care. After caring for kids, home, shopping, work, all the things in life - WE - leave very little time for ourselves. I particularly love donating my services to local women’s shelters and refugee organizations.


What are you top three products in Roccoco that you can't live without?

Ruby crystal

Jasmine eye cream

Blueberry age 



What’s your greatest achievement since having your business? 

Seeing the response my treatments and Roccoco has gotten from my clients and those they refer to me. 


How has having Roccoco changed the way you treat skin?

I’ve learned that simple is often best. These elaborate 12 step skin routines are such a waste of time, energy, and money. A simple routine can and does yield powerful change.