Preventing pollution particles from adhering to your skin is the key to flawless skin ...

And it's ONLY available through Anticity's proprietary Bioenergetique Clay.

Anticity presents....Our Bioenergetic Clay Enica. The worlds first proprietary electrically charged clay that not only prevents adhesion but removes pollution particles from your skin.

Acne bacteria produce a sticky glue that coats them acting literally like a forcefield, meaning anything you throw at it just can't penetrate this powerful barrier protecting them. Biofilms are the key reason for antibiotic resistance and are the biggest challenge to clearing acne.  This sticky coating doesn't just protect the bacteria, it also coats skin cells, literally causing them to become stuck in your pores. This leads to an increase in congestion and breakouts ... that was until a revolutionary discovery by a Chemist in Australia.

Millions of toxins accumulate in your skin everyday. Urban dust contains 224 toxic chemicals. Pollution oxidises sebum overwhelming the skins natural defence mechanisms. Resulting in the formation of free radicals which damages cellular structures.



"Through a unique extraction process the precious

After years of research, we discovered that pollution particles carry an electrical charge, making it possible to manipulate electromagnetic fields of energy.


First we tested on Fungal Acne to see what results we could get. We were blown away!

Clients who had tried for years to clear their fungal acne unsuccessfully, and now, it was gone in under a week. Previously we had tried Mandelic Acid in high percentages with absolutely no success and yet it is a known anti-fungal ingredient.
Look at her forehead. We were shocked and so was our client. In 7 days it was gone!!

Jacine Drummond, CEO & Chief Cosmetic Chemist

2 weeks after mask

We then tried it on more difficult acne and again the clearance in such a short period of time was insane.

We realised that the removal of the biofilm made such a MASSIVE difference with the results you could get, and it was faster than we had ever achieved previously. Not only did we notice that the acne was clearing but also that the skin was repairing and our clients where getting a lot less

Jacine Drummond, CEO & Chief Cosmetic Chemist

What are the Benefits of using our 3-Step-System?

More hydrating than a hyaluronic acid serum.

Only product available that removes the biofilm.

Only product available that removes the biofilm.

99.5% natural with no toxic ingredients.

Prevents the formation of new breakouts.

Removes the glue that is causing your skin cells to stick.

Powerfully effective against fungal breakouts and fungal acne.

No bacterial resistance like you get from antibiotics.

Helps your skin to repair minimising the appearance of scarring.

Clean, Clear, Confident.
3-Step Anti-Blemish
Skin Care System.

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Our Active Ingredients


A natural youth booster that rejuvenates the skin via biological pathways similar to retinol. The skin is redensified and elasticity is improved by 19%. Strengthening the two dermis fibres collagen and elastin.


Nature's safe retinoid alternative. Bakuchiol has studies showing efficacy with the treatment of acne. It brightens the skin and smooths the skin texture, regulating cellular turnover which leads to less clogging.


Pomegranate Extract increases skin density and smoothes the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Possessing strong anti-inflammatory properties it quickly brings inflammation down in the skin, visibly calming and soothing.

How does it work?

Step #1

First we remove the biofilm with our proprietary cleanser. This removes the glue holding down the skin cells and also makes the bacteria vulnerable to antimicrobials.

Step #2

We then use targeted antibacterial and antifungal agents that balance the bacteria.

Step #3

We provide the beneficial bacteria with a food source that can not be consumed by the bacteria which are causing acne, promoting microbiome balance.

Step #4

We use actives that assist in wound healing and stimulate collagen production, so scars start to refine and heal.

Step #5

Our patented inulin provides a barrier for the skin, forming a liquid patch to enhance penetration of the actives and promote healing.


The Research Showing How much Biofilms Impact Acne and Healing

Customer Testimonials

"I've used most of the Roccoco range, but NOTHING has made as significant improvement in my folliculitis as these products. I've more less maintained clear skin using these few gems."


Denise Yuen, Singapore.

"I am super excited the teen line is FINALLY coming!! I do hope the price point is good since I have four teenagers that need it !! Again, thank you so much for allowing Candan and Chantel to participate in the trial. It was an honor. And we KNOW the line works."

Christina K.


We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.  If you are not happy with the results after using our products consistently on a daily basis for 30 DAYS, we will give you a refund. We do require before and after photos to understand your concerns, so please remember to take photos before starting your products.


We will be happy to refund you as long as you provide us photos of your reaction. If you have known skin allergies, we suggest consulting your GP or testing the mask on a small patch of skin either inside of your elbow or behind your ear. $10 for shipping cost will be deducted from all refunds.